How to Start the Week Like a Leader

Everything goes dark if you leave organizational culture to chance.

You’re responsible for the way it feels to be on your team.


Purpose expands the world.

Yes, you want to make a profit, expand your business, and serve your customers. But what’s behind all that?

How will life be better for others if you succeed?

5 purposeful practices for Monday:

  1. Chase fulfillment. Fulfillment is found, not achieved. You find it in bits and pieces while you engage in meaningful work with others. What’s really fulfilling about work? Maybe it’s not the work at all. Maybe it’s relationships with the people you work with.
  2. Build confidence in others. How might you let people know that you believe in them?
  3. Make people feel they belong. What might you do this week to strengthen connections on your team?
  4. Pursue a noble goal. How might you encourage people to think bigger of themselves?
  5. Let others know they matter. Show respect. Share authority.

4 more opportunities to kickoff the week like a leader:

#1. Try something you haven’t tried.

What new behavior might help you exceed your expectations for the week?

If you keep doing the same things, this week will end like all the rest.

#2. Stop doing things that aren’t working.

Where are you seeing low return on your personal energy investment?

  1. Acknowledge failed strategies. Have the courage to say, “It’s not working.”
  2. Clarify your goals.
  3. Adopt new strategies.

#3. Challenge someone to go where they haven’t gone. (And stay available to help.)

  1. Make it simple.
  2. Identify new behaviors.
  3. Devise a plan.
  4. Set a schedule for trying new behaviors.
  5. Give feedback.
  6. Adapt.
  7. Try again.

#4. Challenge your team to take something to the next level.

Thinking shifts when leaders ask, “How might we take this to the next level?”

Which of these suggestions might work for you?

What suggestions do you have for starting the week like a leader?