5 Books I’m Reading in The Next 30 Days

Great books inspire you to think your own thoughts.

5 books I’m reading in the next 30 days:

Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility by Patty McCord, Chief Talent Officer at Netflix for 14 years. Patty helped create the world famous Netflix Culture Deck. (Released Jan. 9. I’m cheating on this one. I’ve already read POWERFUL and interviewed Patty. It’s awesome.)

When: The Scientific Secret to Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink. I read everything Pink writes. Our lives are a never-ending stream of “when” decisions: when to start a business, schedule a class, get serious about a person. Yet we make those decisions based on intuition and guesswork. (Released Jan. 9)

The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle. Daniel offers specific strategies that trigger learning, spark collaboration, build trust, and drive positive change. Coyle unearths helpful stories of failure that illustrate what not to do, troubleshoots common pitfalls, and shares advice about reforming a toxic culture. (Release on Jan. 30)

Big Potential: How Transforming the Pursuit of Success Raises Our Achievement, Happiness, and Well-Being by Shawn Achor. Shawn is a happiness researcher. Small Potential is the limited success we can attain alone. BIG Potential is what we can achieve together. Here, Achor offers five strategies – the SEEDS of Big Potential- for lifting the ceiling on what we can achieve while returning happiness and meaning to our lives. (Release Jan. 30)

Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People by Mark Miller, Vice President of High Performance Leadership, Chick-fil-A Inc. Mark identifies three critical aspects of a true talent magnet and explores the deeper meaning of each. He pulls back the curtain on what leaders can do to find and retain the very best people–a strategic need every leader faces. (Mark’s book arrived in the mail yesterday. Release on Feb. 27.)

What are your reading plans or recommendations?