The Complete List of ‘UP’ for Leaders

Thanks to readers who correct, clarify, and expand on the ideas presented here on Leadership Freak.

Several readers expanded the ideas in this morning’s post. I can’t resist compiling a ‘complete’ list of ‘UP’ leadership behaviors.

  1. Rise up. Believe you can make a difference.  
  2. Wake up and Get up. Use your most productive time for your most important work. 
  3. Show up. (Expanded this morning.)
  4. Listen up. Spend more time listening than speaking.
  5. Sign up. Step up. Make commitments. Avoid dabbling.
  6. Pass up. Choose commitments carefully. Commit when you clearly bring value.
  7. Open up. Share your heart. What do you really think?
  8. Fess up. Own mistakes and move on.
  9. Make up. Do everything within your power to protect and strengthen relationships.
  10. Draw up. Make plans.
  11. Stir up. Shake up. Every meaningful change requires a shake up. (More here.)
  12. Build up. (More here.)
  13. Ease up. Go for a short walk in the morning and afternoon.
  14. Back up. Stand behind people, especially when they mess up.
  15. Turn up. Pop up. Check up. Drop in on people. Show interest.
  16. Heads up. Practice pattern recognition.
  17. Call up. Invite people on the fringes to take on new challenges.
  18. Thumbs up. Cheer up. Encourage people. Notice progress.
  19. Meet up. Schedule short standing meetings.
  20. Chin up. Practice optimism.
  21. Speak up. Describe challenges. Point out elephants.
  22. Shut up. Hush up. Make room for others to speak and perform without you.
  23. Sum up. Restate action-items at the end of conversations and meetings. “Am I getting this right?”
  24. Clear up. Confront confusion.
  25. Clean up. Jump in and help when things go bad.
  26. Follow up. Do what you say.
  27. Wind up. Wrap up. Finish stuff.
  28. Mess up. Try stuff and learn.
  29. Pray up. (For people of faith.)
  30. Move up. If you do the previous 29 behaviors you’ll move up.

What other ‘UP’ behaviors might leaders employ?

How might you explain some of the ‘Up” behaviors listed above?