How to See Opportunity Everywhere You Go

The way you show up impacts what you see.

Leaders who show up to fix things see problems and inadequacies. Leaders who show up to celebrate progress see strengths and opportunities.

The world stinks:

When the whole world stinks, the stench is about you, not the world. It’s like a man with a mustache after eating corn on the cob.

The butter on the corn collects in the man’s mustache. If he doesn’t wash his mustache after eating, his mustache starts to stink.

Everywhere he goes, the world stinks.

What you bring into a situation impacts what you notice. 

The difference between stink and sweet is what you bring with you.

The difference between stink and sweet is compassion.


Detachment is the opposite of compassion.

Detachment defines problems as inconvenient frustrations.

Detachment says:

  1. What’s wrong with THEM?
  2. How did THEY screw up?
  3. What did THEY do?
  4. What did YOU screw up this time?
  5. I can’t fix everything. (The excuse for standing aloof.)

Show up with compassion:

Compassionate leaders see problems as opportunities. 

92% of leaders believe compassion is important or extremely important. (The Mind of the Leader by Hougaard and Carter)

Compassion maintains positive intention in the face of negative circumstances. 

Compassion transforms problems into opportunities.

Compassion asks:

  1. How might we make this better?
  2. What problem might we solve?
  3. What do I have to offer?
  4. What do others need?

Compassion pursues the best interest of others.

How you show up determines where you end up.


What does compassionate leadership look like?

What concerns you about compassion?