How to Eliminate Mocking Voices and Find Your True Inner Voice

The first voice you hear in your head sounds like you, but it’s probably someone else. Don’t trust it.


There’s a Northern Mockingbird in a nearby tree singing his heart out as I type this post. He’s extremely intelligent. 

He learns songs all his life. He even mimics animals and insects.

We love it when he stops in. But he doesn’t have his own voice.

The voice in your head may be a mocking-voice from your past. 

Inner cadre:

Your inner voice is a cadre of voices from the past.

  1. Teachers.
  2. Coaches.
  3. Siblings.
  4. Parents.
  5. Grandparents.
  6. Close friends.
  7. Respected authority figures.
  8. Broken relationships.
  9. Failures. Past failures love to mimic your own voice. But you aren’t your failures.
  10. Successes.

Inner liar:

You tell yourself you’re awesome, but you haven’t earned it. Someone helped you accept mediocrity by coddling you.

Today, you expect something for nothing because you “deserve” it.

Inner critic:

Your inner critic is the voice of an angry parent, teacher, or family member. Remember how they put you down? Now, you do the same to yourself.

Inner protector:

You don’t try new things because you were protected. Mom or dad didn’t let you stumble. They rushed in to keep you from skinning your knee.

True inner voice:

Occasionally you hear your true inner voice. But most of the time you’re reacting or responding to intruders.

Eliminate outsiders if you’d like to find your true inner voice. Interrogate your inner voice.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you really want for me?
  3. What happens if I listen you?

If you listen closely you might hear your true inner voice whispering.

The last voice you hear will be yours. It will be aspirational. The way to find your true inner voice is to silence the others.

How are you finding your inner voice?