The Committee to Eliminate Committees (CTEC)

A camel is a horse designed by a committee. Camels are awesome but they’re a poor substitute for horses.

A horse designed by a committee solves too many problems.

A sarcastic suggestion:

Establish the Committee to Eliminate Committees (CTEC – pronounced See-Tech).

CTEC’s job is the evaluation and elimination of all but essential meetings and committees.

Guidelines for CTEC:

  1. Meet once a quarter.
  2. Review cost reports received for every meeting.
    • Everyone who calls a meeting must send a cost report to CTEC.
    • Cost reports shall include the combined salary cost for everyone in the room during the meeting, including travel time.
    • Direct meeting costs like food, travel, and lodging shall be included.
    • Estimated lost opportunity costs if everyone in the room had done something like creating, serving, or keeping customers shall be listed.
    • Explain support staff costs the meeting incurs.
  3. CTEC shall publish the cost of all meetings on the company’s internal website along with the person’s name who called the meeting.

5 Questions to evaluate meetings:

  1. What was the stated purpose of your meeting/committee?
  2. What specific result was expected from your meeting?
  3. What result did you achieve?
  4. How often did you meet?
  5. Who actually did work as a result of the meeting? Eliminate everyone from meeting rosters who isn’t doing real work.

Committee or task force:

Eliminate the term committee from organizational language. Anyone who uses the term is required to buy lunch for his team.

Replace the term committee with task force.

Assemble a task force to solve specific problems or identify and seize specific opportunities.

Set a death date that determines the life of a task force. One month. Two months. No more than three months. Any group that meets longer than three months is fodder for the Committee to Eliminate Committees.

What committees/meetings are essential to organizational success?

How might leaders eliminate or abbreviate meetings?