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When your organization’s existence isn’t threatened, it’s nearly as difficult to maintain balance, as it is to right the ship when things are clearly out of alignment.

How to maintain balance in times of prosperity:

Schedule time to question whether you are keeping your organization aligned:

  1. Core: Are people showing up in alignment with core values? Are they living them?
  2. Survival: Is the most important objective within the company clear? Are decisions being made in alignment with what is essential for the company thrive?
  3. HumanPower: Are the right people on your team, in the right roles and properly trained?
  4. FeedBack: Is the company achieving its key results?
  5. FrontLines: Is the company consistently delivering value for its core customers?

Establish a team of employees whose job is to play devil’s advocate and assess the alignment one to four times per year.

If frustration returns, look at the struggles you’re having. The root cause is likely some sort of misalignment within the organization.

Dealing with reality using your positive relationship with feedback helps you to understand why things are turning in wrong direction. The numbers might not show a problem but do the measurements reflect reality?

Make sure you are functioning well.

Know yourself by asking what is essential to your well-being. Have a healthy state of awareness.

By asking objective questions you engage the higher or “executive brain” which is better than activating the lower portion (amygdala) which activates the fight or flight behavior by secreting cortisol that raises the stress level for you and everyone around you. Cortisol also makes it harder for your higher brain to think clearly.

If you are balanced, you are more open to feedback. Using that feedback helps you keep objectively evaluating yourself and your business.

What suggestions do you have for maintaining balance in times of prosperity?

About Alex Vorobieff

Alex Vorobieff is a business turnaround specialist, working to implement Business Alignment Tools for their specific needs. Alex has served as clean-up CFO and president of companies in telecommunications, aviation, aerospace, and real estate development, leading successful turnarounds in as little as three months. He shares his how-tos and techniques through Confident ROi magazine and his latest book, Transform Your Company: Escape Frustration, Align Your Business, and Get Your Life Back.