My Disappointing Adventure with Humility

Three years ago I took the VIA Survey of Character Strengths and Virtues. I received a ranked list of twenty-four character traits.

The top of the list represented qualities and traits that are natural and easy for me. The bottom of the list represented strengths and virtues that don’t come naturally.

I’m naturally good at creativity, bravery, honesty, curiosity, and leadership. Forgiveness was #19. I can forgive you, but it takes work.

Zest, approaching life with excitement, was #20. I never liked bubbly people anyway. My clients will tell you that I bring lots of energy to presentations, but I work at it.

The last item on the list, at #24, was humility. You might say my interest in humility is well placed.

Good News and Bad New:

I took the VIA Survey again last Sunday (2/10/2019). The good news is humility is no longer at the bottom of the list.

Now humility is #23. Yes! Humility jumped from #24 to #23 in three years.

At my rate of improvement, humility will be at the top of my character strengths in 66 years.

My friends laugh at my humility ranking. Tom rubbed it in by proudly texting that humility was #9 on his list. (I’m not going to forgive him. I’m pretty sure he cheated.)

5 things I know about humility:

#1. Humility is like laying on the grass and looking at the stars. Sometimes you feel like you could touch them.

#2. The real test of humility is pouring yourself into someone and having them outperform you.

#3. Self-interest is normal. Other-interest is the beginning of extraordinary. Begin interactions by asking yourself, “How might I serve?”

#4. Reflect on yourself when you think others need to change.

#5. The strengths of others are more valuable than arrogance thinks.

Bonus: My only hope is you can practice humility, even if you don’t feel humble.

What do you know about humility and how to pursue it?