3 Reasons Leaders Sink

You never succeed when you poke holes in your own boat.

3 reasons leaders sink:

#1. Need for dramatic results.

The desire to make a BIG difference is deadly when it hinders incremental progress. Show up ready to row the boat. Worry about the final destination tomorrow.

Disappointment with small wins sucks the life out of people on the front lines.

  • Arrogance needs big wins. Humility is thankful to serve.
  • Forget about reaching shore. Execute your best plan today.

Make a small difference today, if you hope to make a big difference tomorrow.

#2. Too much self-worry.

Immature leaders worry too much about themselves and too little about serving others.

The opportunity to lead is earned by rowing with others.

See life through YOUR impact on organizational life. Know the ripple effect of your actions.

Make life easier for captains. If your captain habitually steals the credit for your work, keep serving and look for another job.

Help OTHERS make a difference, if YOU hope to make a difference.

#3. Running like a chicken from turbulence.

Turn into the storm, if you hope to make a difference.

Servant leaders notice how stormy seas impact the crew. Lousy leaders run from turbulence.

You never make a difference when you run like a chicken from difficulty.

  • Stand for something.
  • Have a point of view.
  • Face into the wind.

I know leaders who are successfully leading through turbulence. Their goal is helping OTHERS.

Turbulence creates insecurity and fear. Servant leaders feel the fear of others and respond with courage and compassion. Their teams feel their commitment to serve the best interest of others.

The context of useful help is turbulence.

The more people you help – the more successful you become.

Identify and practice traits and behaviors that help you serve others well.

What sinks leaders?

What key leadership behaviors help leaders succeed on a daily basis?