Big Shot, Bureaucrat, or Servant Leader

The way you view yourself sets the trajectory of your leadership.

You might pressure people into conformity, but that never wins hearts. You must choose between short-sighted coercion and servant leadership.

Choose who to be:

  1. Big shots intimidate. Servant leaders influence.
  2. Bureaucrats make rules. Servant leaders build relationships.
  3. Buttinskies love suck ups. Servant leaders seek feedback.
  4. Top dogs mark their turf. Servant leaders expand their team.
  5. Control freaks need conformity. Servant leaders invite buy in.
  6. Bullies instill fear. Servant leaders instill courage.
  7. Bosses need salutes. Servant leaders pull with.
  8. Authoritarian leaders beat down. Servant leaders lift.
  9. Traditional leaders know. Servant leaders learn.
  10. Superiors have subordinates. Servant leaders have partners.
  11. Elites love the spotlight. Servant leaders share the spotlight.
  12. Rooster leaders need privilege. Servant leaders fulfill purpose.
  13. Chiefs need obedience. Servant leaders invite commitment.
  14. Egotistical leaders focus on self. Servant leaders turn toward others.
  15. Head honchos restrict. Servant leaders release.
  16. Prideful leaders congratulate themselves. Servant leaders applaud others.
  17. Political leaders manipulate. Servant leaders practice transparency.
  18. Kingpins punish people. Servant leaders develop people.
  19. Big wheels bloviate. Servant leaders listen.
  20. Savior-leaders fix problems. Servant leaders seize opportunities.

The first choice of leadership isn’t what to do. It’s who to be.

Which comparison/contrast speaks loudly to you?

What contrasts do you see between traditional leadership and servant leadership?

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