Research Reveals 3 Practices of Elite Execution


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What transferable practices help any organization excel at execution?

This is the question we presented to our research team from Stanford University when this work began. What we learned surprised us all.

The research:

We spent the last decade studying high performance.

We researched some of the world’s best organizations – Apple, Starbucks, Mayo Clinic, Southwest Airlines, Ritz-Carlton, NAVY Seals, Clemson Football, Chick-fil-A, Zappos, and more.

We also talked to a kung fu grandmaster, sports psychologists, and hundreds of leaders.


First, we confirmed a big idea from our original research a decade ago: The magic is in the masses. You cannot achieve and sustain elite levels of execution without everyone’s full participation.

We distilled a mountain of research and conversations into the three Practices of Elite Execution.

Power is only unleashed when everyone embraces each practice as part of their daily routine.

3 Practices of Elite Execution:

#1. Pursue Mastery:

Mastery is a level of skill in which the desired behavior is consistent, flawlessly executed, and is second nature.

The goal of mastery is to do the right thing the right way every time.

#2. Own the Numbers:

When people care about the numbers, execution improves. Tragically, most workers do not know the outcome of their work.

Everyone must know the numbers before they can own them.

#3. Help Others Win:

Pursuing mastery and owning the numbers are about individual work. This practice represents a shift from “me” to “we.”

When everyone in an organization agrees it is part of their job to help others win, a new culture emerges.

Can these three practices really transform an organization? Yes, and they can do more than that… they can change lives.

How might leaders put these practices into action on a daily basis?

What practices of elite execution have worked for you?

Mark Miller is Vice President of High Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A, Inc. and an international best-selling author with over one million books in print. Learn more at