6 Reasons Egotistical Leaders are Exhausted

Egotistical leadership is exhausting. But there’s a reservoir of energy for leaders who practice humility.

Humility is expansive and vibrant. Ego is restrictive and grim.


6 reasons egotistical leaders are exhausted:

#1. Ego has all the answers.

No one can bear the burden of having all the answers.

The next time you see an angry exhausted leader, ask yourself if she/he is a know-it-all.

Tip: Seek counsel from people who know more than you.

Advice-seekers renew their vitality.

#2. Ego carries the load by itself.

One reason you’re drained is you can’t let go of anything. Humility trusts.

Trust is a source of vitality for humble leaders because it welcomes help.

Ego makes all the decisions.

Tip: Seek help.

#3. Ego fears being wrong.

You might be arrogant if you’re constantly defending your position.

You end up defending bad decisions when you need to be right.

Tip: Give yourself permission to be a learner. Let others be right.

#4. Ego prevents you from learning from highly skilled people.

Ego runs to fools for advice because it can’t stand the success of the skillful.

The success of others feels like a threat to ego. You can’t seek advice from someone you envy.

Ego won’t seek advice from anyone that’s more successful than itself.

Tip: Seek advice from someone who has achieved what you aspire to achieve.

#5. Ego feels unappreciated.

You might be arrogant if you feel that others don’t appreciate you like you deserve.

It’s draining to constantly nitpick others and expect them to revere you.

Tip: Go on a gratitude walkabout.

#6. Ego hoards power and control.

Ego is exhausted because the people it disempowers don’t excel.

It’s exhausting to circle the wagons at every perceived threat of losing power.

Learn that giving away power actually increases your power.

Tip: Delegate decision-making to competent others.

What practices of humility increase a leaders vitality?

What egotistical practices drain leaders of their energy?

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