Burnout to Breakthrough: How to Create Calm from Chaos


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The onslaught of converging events—a pandemic, severe economic downturn, social unrest, anger, and bitter feuding in political arenas—have left us feeling unmoored from the “normal.”

Burnout has become the symptom for everyone from remote workers to healthcare professionals, from teachers to essential workers.

The good news: burnout can be overcome but it takes time, awareness, and action.  Resilience is the mantra of the day, but it doesn’t come in a ready-made package. It’s a skill that must be built and cultivated.

Resilience is not about bouncing back. It’s about growing through.

Resilience starts in our heads.

Stop, look, and listen.

Denial is not a river in Egypt. Listen to your body. Self-talk that insists on constant motion, production, and performance does no one any good.

Constant exhaustion is not only dangerous but counter-productive, leading to error and rework.

Set boundaries or be de-fenceless.

The courage to say “no” or “not now” is the hallmark of good self-leadership.

Know your energy drainers and your energy maintainers.

Your spirit is like a battery. If you discharge the battery, there’s no forward momentum. What renews your energy? Exercise? Playing? Talking (not griping) to a friend? Meditation?

Routine can comfort the soul.

When the world is upside down and frightening, the creation of a routine offers a sense of stability.

Set limits between work and home. Create a routine that takes your mind off work and instead creates a space for calm.

Whether it’s an aromatherapy shower or taking the dog to the park, whether it’s gardening or ironing—the activity is calming. Yes, I know: ironing?! Both Sandra Bullock and I share this as a way of creating order in our lives.

Look for the funny.

Laughter lightens the load.

What resilience practices help you navigate burnout?

Eileen McDargh is the CEO of The Resiliency Group. She is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, master facilitator, and award-winning author with expertise in resiliency and leadership. The British research firm of Global Gurus International ranks her in the top five of the 30 Communication masters worldwide. Her articles have appeared in countless publications and two of her books have been awarded national recognition, including the Ben Franklin Gold Award. Her seventh book will be released August 4: Burnout to Breakthrough: Building Resilience to Refuel, Recharge, and Reclaim What Matters. You can learn more about Eileen and her work here: http://www.eileenmcdargh.com.