The Third Step on Everyone’s Gratitude Journey where Many Stumble

We stumble over ourselves.

During her job interview, the hiring team was really impressed with her resume and professionalism.

“Wow! You have an amazing resume and you present yourself fantastically, but you’re missing 5 years on this part of your resume.”

“What happened there?” asked an interviewer.

“Oh, that’s when I went to Yale,” says the woman.

The interviewers offer her a job on the spot. On her way out, the woman says, “Thanks for the yob.”

Flying a kite.

Gratitude is lift in the wind.

7 self-inflicted damages of ingratitude:

Leaders sabotage themselves when they coddle ingratitude.

  1. Shallow relationships.
  2. Pessimism.
  3. Declining productivity.
  4. Lack of purpose.
  5. Health issues.
  6. Restless sleep.
  7. Low self-esteem.

Source (I listed opposites.)

The third step:

The third step on your gratitude journey is gratitude IN hardship.

#1. Gratitude-for is the first and easiest step on your gratitude journey. Notice and acknowledge benefit or advantage in good things.

#2. Grateful-to is more challenging than grateful-for. It can’t be left to spontaneity. Expressing gratitude requires time, planning, and humility.

Unexpressed gratitude is ingratitude.

#3. Gratitude-in hardship is the ultimate gratitude practice.

Ingratitude might feel good, but it’s always self-destructive.

The alternative to gratitude-in hardship is self-sabotage.

It’s ridiculous to be thankful FOR sickness, pain, or evil. The greatest gratitude challenge is noticing benefit or advantage IN hardship.

Grateful-in hardship:

#1. Become your true self.

Hardship humbles you and humility is essential on the journey toward authenticity. You need humility to acknowledge that you don’t fully know yourself before you can become yourself.

Hardship reveals anger and bitterness that simmers unseen below the surface.

Hardship illuminates blindspots.

#2. Leverage opportunities.

Ingratitude prevents you from seeing benefit or advantage in hardship.

Every hardship holds an opportunity for personal growth and contribution.

#3. Expand influence.

Ingratitude limits opportunity, but gratitude expands influence.

Gratitude-in enables growth through hardship, but ingratitude is the end of the line.

Gratitude is lift in the wind.

What advantages or benefits might be hidden in hardship?

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