Lying Leaders Are More Common than you Think

Men who say they love ties are liars, just like women with deformed toes love red-soled high heels.

If clothes make the man, he’s pitiful.

If clothes make the woman, she’s self-deceived.

No one runs to put on a tie or heels when they get home from work. Instead they throw off their painful costumes and get real. Don’t misunderstand me. Culturally appropriate clothing is a desirable inconvenience. Just don’t believe the lies you tell.

Self-deception is incurable apart from painful intervention.


Feeling superior is based on the lie that others are less than.

Lies leaders tell themselves:

#1. “I’m better than.”

You’re no better than the people you lead, even if you have a tie or heels. Yes, you may know how to do this or that, but a big salary has no connection to human worth.

Feeling superior is based on the lie that others are less than.

Leaders who changed the world worked with social misfits.

#2. “That’s easy.”

Self-deception begins when you tell yourself that things you aren’t doing are easy. Think of cleaning toilets, raising kids, or leading frontline teams.

Lies leaders tell others:

#1. “You’re next in line for promotion.”

Has anyone ever asked you to be happy when you were passed over for a promotion? Leaders who promise promotions must believe they’re gods controlling the future.

Never dangle the promise of promotion unless you’re god. You might say, “If it’s within my control, you’re next in line.” Or, “I’ll do what I can to help you earn a promotion.”

#2. “I know the way.”

If nothing changes, the past predicts the future perfectly. Beyond that, there’s humility, work, and good fortune.

The future isn’t predictable. Instead, it’s created by informed decisions, bold action, and agile responses.

The ingredients for yesterday’s cake might work tomorrow. Then again, they might not.

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