7 Reasons You Need to Plan Less and Others Need to Plan More

Those who make the plan make the plan work. But when leaders make the plan, they encounter skepticism, reluctance or resistance.

Tight fisted leaders – those who control all the plans – have passive followers.

7 reasons to let others plan more:

#1. Planning elevates power.

Every plan they make expands their power, increases engagement, and amplifies motivation. Every plan you make – that someone else could make – weakens them.

Powerful people love to get things done.

#2. Time lost is never regained.

There are only three ways to get more time.

  1. Stop something.
  2. Give tasks to others.
  3. Increase speed of execution.

Gain time by delegating planning to people who are nearly competent to plan.

#3. Talent loves to contribute.

You show respect to talent when you create channels of expression. Who on your team loves planning?

#4. Control is a burden.

Your fist relaxes when you delegate planning. It might feel terrifying, but eventually, it sets you free.

Control freaks work too hard and carry too much stress.

#5. A level playing field strengthens connection.

The authority to plan is status. You solidify your status when you control planning. But status often separates people.

Expand your circle of relationship by elevating people’s status. Delegate authority. Create colleagues, not passive employees.

#6. Less complaining builds morale.

When your plan doesn’t work, people complain. When their plan doesn’t work, people make the best of it. And do better next time.

#7. Enthusiasm is better than drudgery.

You feel enthusiastic about your plan because it’s yours. Give people opportunities to feel enthusiastic.

Tips for delegating planning:

  1. Short timelines are better than long.
  2. Create basic guidelines and deliverables before passing the baton.
  3. Include several team members. Avoid favoritism.

What needs to be true for leaders to delegate planning?

When should leaders do the planning?

Note: Thanks to a coaching client for several ideas that appear in this post.