Confidence: Proof You Can Face Any Challenge

I haven’t had a warm shower in more than seven months. If you’re counting, it’s 226 days, but whose counting.

The water I use is 54 degrees Fahrenheit, 12.2 degrees Celsius. Yes, I checked the temperature of our well water with a food thermometer.

It all began with our daughter last Thanksgiving.

Shower head.

Remind people how tough they are.

Mindy, the aforementioned daughter, told me she’s taking cold showers. She explained how you acclimate your body by splashing cold water on yourself. When she explained the physical benefits, it sounded like hocus pocus.

The Internet has articles – pro and con – for taking cold showers. Some are based on actual research. But research has nothing to do with my practice.

I emerged like a red lobster from my first cold shower the day after Thanksgiving. I was fully alive. That was the last day I took a hot shower.

Splashing cold water to acclimate is for weaklings.

I wash my hair using cool water, about 89 degrees Fahrenheit (31.6 C). With my head under the shower – in one bold move – I turn off the hot water. The drop from 89 to 54 degrees is breathtaking. During longer showers the ends of my fingers grow pale.

You may wonder why a person of average intelligence, or any intelligence, would intentionally take a cold shower when hot water is one knob-turn away.

I still think all the “benefits” of cold showers are hocus pocus. I take a freezing shower for one reason.

A cold shower proves – to me – that I’m tough. You, on the other hand, might think it proves I’m stupid.

Taking a cold shower makes me feel like I can tackle any challenge that comes my way. You’re right. It might also indicate stupidity.

How are you reminding yourself that you’re tough enough to face today’s challenges?

How might leaders remind people of the toughness they see in them?

Afterword: I’m not endorsing the practice of taking cold showers. It’s just something I started doing.