Put One Big Rock on Your Calendar

The end of this week is your last opportunity to put a big rock on next week’s calendar. Once day-to-day urgencies appear, they prevent you from accomplishing important tasks.

You’ve been meaning to make a list of activities you can take off your calendar and give to someone else, for example. But you’re so busy you can’t find time to do it.

Most can’t resist screaming trivialities.

Rocky coastline. 

The longer you wait to schedule big rocks the smaller life becomes.

You can’t schedule next week’s important work next week.

4 reasons little rocks replace big rocks*:

  1. We haven’t identified big rocks. The first step in doing important work is deciding what it is.
  2. We think big rocks require dramatic action. But self-care might be as simple as taking a walk.
  3. Speed makes small rocks seductive. Unimportant tasks are often completed quickly. You think, “I’ll just check off this small thing first.” But you end up chasing small things all day.
  4. Big rocks are quiet. Small rocks are noisy. By the time a big rock gets noisy, you’ve neglected it too long. Think of your health.

*How to do things that matter most before it’s too late.

One big rock:

Put an appointment with an important task on next week’s calendar today.

Think of something you’ve been meaning to do. Schedule it. When someone calls, tell them you’re booked.

Big rocks contribute to the life you aspire to build but haven’t found time to build.

Big rocks expand opportunities.

Big rocks strengthen relationships.

Big rocks maximize your talent. Working on a big rock energizes. Constantly working on small rocks insults you.

Big rocks give meaning. But don’t think meaningful activities are always difficult. Big rocks are often simple.

Big-rock-activities make disproportionate contributions to satisfaction.

The longer you wait to schedule big rocks, the smaller life becomes.

Why do small rocks keep us so busy we don’t have time for important tasks?

What big rock do you need to put on next week’s calendar?