4 Ways to Stop Resisting Breakthrough

You might be working so hard for a breakthrough that you push it away.

I’m convinced that some breakthroughs are missed because we have the wrong expectations. A breakthrough doesn’t arrive on schedule.

We miss breakthrough because it breaks through unexpectedly.

The context of breakthrough:

The soil of breakthrough is fertilized with things you typically work to eliminate.

  1. Doubt.
  2. Fear.
  3. Confusion.

The way to experience breakthrough is by stepping into doubt, fear, and confusion.

Breakthroughs don’t happen when you’re filled with certainty.

A leader filled with clarity doesn’t need a breakthrough.

You spend too much time trying to control circumstances and too little time stepping into things you’d like to avoid.

You don’t control a breakthrough; you step into it.

Cute ducklings.

You don't control a breakthrough; you step into it.

4 ways to stop resisting breakthrough:

#1. Bend your knees when the boat starts rocking.

Breakthroughs are born during instability. Find balance by increasing flexibility.

A need for clarity is an opportunity for breakthrough.

Instability creates receptivity.

#2. Look for ways to add value.

Doubt, fear, and confusion invite ‘smart’ people to focus on themselves. A breakthrough can’t penetrate the wall of protection we build for ourselves.

Breakthrough happens while seeking ways to serve others.

There is no way to guarantee that the right opportunities are chosen.  But it is certain that the right opportunities will not be selected unless we focus on bringing value to others.

#3. Go with your highest point of confidence.

Doubt and fear scream when you step forward. But the only way to breakthrough is to find enough confidence to play with uncertainty.

The greatest risk during breakthrough moments is the risk of doing nothing.

Step forward when you feel like stepping back.

#4. Require a ‘with’.

You make more progress WITH than you do alone as long as your WITH isn’t an anchor.

What prevents people from finding breakthrough?

How might leaders best find breakthrough?