3 Ways Tom Brady is Extraordinary and You Can Be Too

I’ve been a fan of New England sports teams since I was a kid. But when Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay, I started rooting for the Buccaneers.

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Expect more from yourself than others expect from you.

Low expectations – high performance:

6 quarterbacks were drafted before Tom Brady.

  1. Chad Pennington – drafted 18th. (Played 11 seasons.)
  2. Giovanni Carmazzi – drafted 65th. (Never played.)
  3. Chris Redman – drafted 75th in the third round. (Started 12 games.)
  4. Tee Martin – drafted 163rd in the fifth round. (Played 3 games.)
  5. Marc Bulger – drafted 168th in the sixth round. (Played 9 seasons.)
  6. Spergon Wynn – drafted 183rd in the sixth round. (Started 3 games.)
  7. Tom Brady – drafted 199th in the sixth round. (Played 22 seasons.)

In the 2021 season Brady set a career high in passing yards (5,316) and led the NFL in touchdown passes (43). USA Today

3 ways Tom Brady was extraordinary – and you can be too:

#1. Rise above expectations.

No one could have expected the 199th draft pick would become the undisputed greatest quarterback of all time.

Expect more from yourself than others expect from you.

#2. Always work to improve.

Professional athletes work hard – a few work harder than the rest. Larry Bird of the Celtics, Michael Jordan of the Bulls, and Tom Brady of Tampa Bay, for examples.

“… he never lost that competitive fire to be the best.” John Elway

Of all the times I saw Brady in interviews, I can’t remember him complaining. I’ve seen him upset, but he always focused on getting better, even when his team won.

#3. Practice gratitude.

I know you’re supposed to thank your teammates when you win. But I think Brady actually meant it.

How might you follow Tom Brady’s example today?