20 Questions You Can Use to Audit Personal Energy

“Being an energizer is 4X more important than your title, position in a hierarchy, position in an influence network, or your position in an information network.” Kim Cameron

Teams with one deadbeat suffer a performance disadvantage of 30 to 40 percent compared to teams that have no bad apples. Good Boss Bad Boss

Personal energy is more important than skill, talent, or resources. High talent and low energy disappoint. Low energy people earn low-level opportunities.

Personal energy is more important than skill, talent, or resources. Image of a lightbulb burning out.

20 questions to audit personal energy:

(Ask team members to assess their ability to manage personal energy. Use a 1 to 10 scale.)

  1. I know my most productive time of day.
  2. I typically stay on task until I need a break.
  3. I regularly express gratitude.
  4. I feel my boss seeks my best interest.
  5. I take breaks during the day.
  6. I eat healthy food.
  7. I have a consistent bedtime.
  8. I know what today’s priority is.
  9. I frequently do things I love to do.
  10. I feel like I’m heading in a good direction as a person/employee.
  11. I usually get the day’s work done.
  12. I understand and embrace organizational purpose.
  13. I use my strengths every day at work.
  14. I feel like I make a meaningful contribution every day.
  15. My work aligns with my values.
  16. I feel like my boss listens to me.
  17. I enjoy a hobby.
  18. I exercise regularly.
  19. I feel like I’m growing as a person.
  20. I hang out with fellow employees outside of work hours.
Low energy people earn low-level opportunities. Image of a lazy sleeping cat.

Questions for discussion:

  1. What did you learn after completing your energy audit?
  2. Which items most influence your energy in a positive way? Negative way?
  3. How might you better manage personal energy?
  4. What’s one thing I could do to better fuel your energy?

Successful leaders help people manage personal energy.

What questions would you add to the above personal energy audit?

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time