3 Secrets to Employee Retention

Employee loyalty is a relic of the past.

Employee retention is a fantasy in organizations when people are treated like tools.

Free food and a foosball table in the employee lounge are sugar pills when it comes to retention.

Half the young people on your team have an ear to the ground. CNBC

Employee retention includes meaningful work. Image of a flamingo with its head in the water.

3 secrets to employee retention:

#1. Employee retention and value:

Everyone wants to feel like they matter.

Bring meaning to work by noticing and celebrating the value people bring.

You have to get stuff done but focus on value more than checklists.

Satisfied customers make employees feel like they matter.

How are customers’ lives made better by your work?

  1. Talk about satisfied customers.
  2. Share praise from customers. The next time you receive an email from a happy customer share it with the team.
  3. Provide opportunities for employees to meet satisfied customers. Get customers on a video call or pay for them to come visit your site.

“Employees want meaning in their vocation. In fact, for millennials, it is among the strongest drivers of retention.” Gallup 

#2. Employee retention and humanity:

What can you do that demonstrates people are important?

How might you serve the best interest of employees? Good pay is a given, but employee retention includes treating people like people.

If you want employees to bring their best, give them your best.

  1. Provide learning opportunities. How can an employee’s current role help them fulfill future aspirations?
  2. Know everyone’s name, spouse’s name, kids’ names. Remember birthdays.
  3. Encourage self-care and practice self-care yourself.

#3. Employee retention and company stories:

Why is it special to work for your organization?

  1. Why did your organization come into existence?
  2. Who founded your organization?
  3. What obstacles has your organization overcome?
  4. What great successes has your organization experienced?

What are some secrets of employee retention?

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