4 Ways to Move Through Pain to Fulfillment

An aspirin might solve a headache, but it doesn’t cure cancer.

Instead of moving through pain to fulfillment, we prolong and multiply discomfort by masking it.

It’s better to use pain than ignore it.

You move through pain to fulfillment when you discover purpose. Image of a dachshund facing the future.

4 ways to move through pain to fulfillment

#1. Humble yourself.

Pain hardens fools and humbles sages.

No one can humble you. You humble yourself.

Humility caused by painful failure is like turning on bright lights. The wise open their eyes; fools turn away.

3 insights sages know:

  1. Self-made is a myth that insults everyone who helped you.
  2. Gratitude comes from learning through failure.
  3. The height you reach depends on the shoulders you stand upon.

“I prefer an injurious truth to a useful error. Truth heals any pain it may inflict on us.” Goethe

Through pain to fulfillment: Pain hardens fools and humbles sages. Image of a half-opened chestnut.

#2. Find purpose.

You move through pain to fulfillment when you discover purpose.

Painful experiences are jackhammers.

People who have been abused often find purpose in serving those who are abused, for example.

What painful experiences are you solving?

#3. Adapt

Agony is punishment for foolish persistence.

When I’m at my computer I tip my head back so I can see clearly. I’m looking through bifocals. Constant tipping causes neck and shoulder pain. The solution is computer glasses, not gutting it out.

“The only thing more painful than learning from experience is not learning from experience.” Anonymous

Agony is punishment for foolish persistence. Image of a porcupine.

#4. Stop.

They say pain is weakness leaving the body, but sometimes it means STOP.

Skillful quitting minimizes suffering.

Leaders talk themselves out of opportunities. They say, “They need me here,” or, “Things are going so well,” or, “I have more to do here.”

The above quotes reflect reality, but they are self-limiting excuses that prevent reflection on opportunity.

The discomfort of rejecting future opportunity is less painful than rejecting present security.

How might leaders move through pain to fulfillment?

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