5 Ways to Find Power to Transition with Grace and Confidence

Life is like a circus and leaders are trapeze artists waiting for the right moment to release the bar. You spend your days creating momentum and letting go again and again.

Leaders create transitions. You succeed when you hang in mid-air with joyful confidence.

You fall when you hang on too long or let go too soon.

The power to transition is the power to live – to let go and take hold over and over.

Failure to transition is oblivion.

Power to transition - You succeed when you hang in mid-air with joyful confidence. Image of trapeze artist hanging in mid-air.

Power to transition:

Causes of transition:

  1. External demands.
  2. Competitive pressure.
  3. Changing rules.
  4. Internal dissatisfaction. Yearning for better.
  5. Fear.
  6. Dreams.
  7. Fatigue. Weariness is both a cause and a symptom of life in transition.
  8. Unresolved issues from the past return with greater urgency than before.
  9. Need to prove yourself.
  10. Aspiration.

Reasons you hang on too long:

You don’t let go because the discomfort you know is less painful than an uncertain future. Looking back, you often wonder why you hung on so long.

You hang on too long because you lack the power to transition. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” (Attributed to George S. Patton and Vince Lombardi)

The future is fuzzy so you hang on to a clear present.

Fear of failure keeps you hanging on too long.

Power to transition - The path emerges as you step forward, not before. Image of a person stepping into the light.

5 ways to find the power to transition:

#1. Embrace – don’t resist – transitions.

Shift your attitude from dread to opportunity.

#2. Seek the voice of experience.

Every transition you experience is common to humanity. Someone has navigated turbulent seas before you.

#3. Practice vulnerability.

Tell someone the truth about yourself and your situation.

#4. Do things you haven’t done.

The path emerges as you step forward, not before.

#5. Reflect on past transitions.

What have you learned about hanging in mid-air that empowers you?

Tip: Transitions are how you become.

Where do we find the power to transition with grace and confidence?

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