What if You Smelled Like Your Attitude

When someone has a bad attitude, we say their attitude stinks. What if you literally smelled like a skunk when you had a bad attitude?

Ellysan, one of our granddaughters, couldn’t pronounce skunk. When we had one in the back yard she called it a “stunk.” I like her name better than the real one.

What if someone moaned, “What stinks,” when you show up at work today?

What if you smelled like a skunk when you had a bad attitude? Image of a skunk.

ABC’s of attitude.

Affective: Statements about feelings. “I don’t like my boss.”

Behavior intentions: Statements about intentions. “I’m looking for a new job.”

Cognition: Statements about beliefs. “My boss is incompetent.”

You have an attitude about authority, foreigners, teammates, starting meetings on time, failure, and laziness based on upbringing and experiences.

You have an attitude about life.

Attitudes are learned dispositions.

Nothing pleases a person with a bad attitude. Image of a girl pouting.

Attitudes control actions.

One person crosses their arms and frowns, the other smiles and steps forward. The difference is attitude.

Nothing pleases a person with a bad attitude.

Choose your attitude.

Resentment, negativity, pessimism, and complaining make you stink like a ‘stunk’.

Confidence, optimism, openness, interested, and curious make you fragrant like roses.

Here’s a list of 160 attitudes.

People respond to your attitude.

When you smell like garbage people pull away.

When you smell like fresh baked bread they want more.


What three words describe your attitude right now.

What three words describe the attitude you desire.

Choose your attitude.

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