Community Village: 7 Ways Village Builders Win

You live an impoverished life apart from a village. Life on your own is empty.

The richest possible life turns toward community.

You need a community to flourish.

Life is better when you build relationships where you contribute to others and others contribute to you.

Everything that enriches life begins with community.

Everything that enriches life begins with community. Image of a farm buildings.

7 ways village builders win:

  1. Contentment – you’re ok with who you are in a village.
  2. Shared activities – doing things with others is more satisfying than doing them alone.
  3. Stability – life with others might be messy, but it’s more stable than life alone.
  4. Centeredness – a village is a beacon calling you to clarity.
  5. Permission granted – you are not a bother to anyone in your village. (The fear of bothering someone is one reason villages don’t exist.)
  6. Inclusion – you don’t feel left out.
  7. Being seen – people see you and you see them.

Community – 3 ways to build your village.

#1. Sit on the porch.

Be available. You show up before you connect.

#2. Choose your village people.

Look for people of influence, authority, and experience. Who best contributes?

Invite someone who shares similar interests.

Reach out to people on the fringe. Converted fringe-dwellers provide unexpected value.

Be easily impressed to overcome reluctance.

#3. Practice noticing:

Listen for values.

Observe repeated topics of conversation.

Discover action steps by noticing what matters to people in your village.

Community - It's human nature to play it safe, turn away, and not bother people. Image of sunflowers turned away.

Why you struggle to build a village:

Communities of trust and care are rare. You’re blazing your own trail.

You struggle because village building requires a transformation of priorities.  

Relationships are risky. It’s human nature to play it safe, turn away, and not bother people.

3 quick tips:

  1. Tighten your belt and take a risk.
  2. Reach out to a new person this week.
  3. Make a list of three people who contribute to you. Give them a thank you call.

Start building today. Write intriguing and life-giving stories. 100% of the time good effort delivers good results.

You cannot fulfill your purpose in isolation.

What’s preventing you from building your village?

How can you build a village that attracts ‘your’ people?

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This post is a collaboration between Dan Rockwell and Stan Endicott.

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