5 Qualities of Real Heroes

In a world that worships self, having heroes feels juvenile. Emulating others seems insulting to people who sing, “I’ve got to be me.”

Some of the most satisfying moments in my life happen when I am sincerely emulating someone I admire.

I have many heroes because I’m easily impressed.

A person with heroes is more likely to become a hero. Image of a happy kid with goggles on.

My heroes:

It sounds frivolous but I admire people on TV shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol. Anyone who works hard, strives for excellence, and let’s themselves be seen is heroic.

People that work hard to accomplish meaningful goals encourage me to reach high.

Some dead people energize me, Ray Charles, John Adams, and Hellen Keller, for example.

All the people I work with inspire and teach me.

5 qualities of real heroes:

  1. Show up with an open hand.
  2. Work hard to contribute.
  3. Be authentic. Fakers drive me nuts.
  4. Be dependable. You don’t have to have loads of talent. Just show up and get something done.
  5. Let yourself be seen. Vulnerability is magnificent.

Low standards:

People I admire are frail. Learn to see the good in imperfect people or you will admire few and despise many.

You might think I should have higher standards. The power of being easily impressed is openness to learning and encouragement.

Life without heroes is small.

While you are being yourself, be like others, too. We should all be authentic. I’m learning to be me AND to be like the people I admire.

Life without heroes is small. Image of a mouse.


Think of heroes as examples, not saviors.

Life is bigger and richer when heroes live in you.

A person with heroes is more likely to become a hero.

A person with a hero knows how to celebrate the success of others. You can’t envy someone and be easily impressed with them.

Being easily impressed expands life.

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