Leaders Love the Most

Leaders love the most. Haters ruin the most.

“All that I hope to say in books, all that I ever hope to say, is that I love the world.” E.B. White

Get out of leadership if you hate the world. Hide yourself away until you disappear in decay. But if you love the world, get busy.

The problem with the world is haters are energized and lovers are timid.

Leaders love the most. Haters ruin the most. Image of an open hand with colorful dots floating out.

Leaders love the most:

#1. Negative emotions may point to love.

Anger means you care. Every successful leader I know is frustrated about something.

Examine your anger. Does selfish ambition fuel your anger or do you care about the well-being of others?

Sadness means you care. Disappointment means aspiration fell short. Congratulations if you tried to help.

#2. Positive traits point to love.

Love hopes. Hate gives up. When you hear, “Don’t give up. Keep trying,” you hear leadership. The best leaders always press toward positive outcomes.

Hope is fuel for grit. Leaders give up, not for lack of grit but because hope vanished. Hopelessness leads to hate.

Love is open-hearted. Hate forces compliance. Open-hearted leaders listen and change their minds. Closed minds defend, argue, and coerce.

An open heart takes your further than a clenched fist. Image of a clenched fist.

An open heart takes you further than a clenched fist.

An open heart never bristles at being wrong because the desire for excellence is greater than the need to be right.

Love takes pleasure where hate resents. Always cheer when others thrive. Leaders love the most when they spotlight others.

People love to see leaders who love people. Image of a duck looking at the screen.

#3. Love elevates worth.

Hitler was a remarkable – but worthless – leader. Hate leads toward destructive ends. Worthless leaders seek to ruin.

You elevate your worth when you serve the noble interest of others.

If you want to lead, care when others don’t.

It’s childish to say, “If you don’t care, I don’t care.” Don’t let others run your life.

What do you look to see when leaders love the most?

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