30 Delightful Inconveniences for Thanksgiving

  1. Struggling to find my glasses in a dark bedroom.
  2. Choosing the right pillow so I won’t have a crick in my neck when I get up.
  3. Wrapping up in the Minky Couture blanket my wife gave me for Christmas a few years back. I wouldn’t need it if it was warm outside.
  4. Waiting for coffee.
  5. Choosing between vanilla or chocolate.
  6. Trying to figure out if you want a single or double Bourbon Bacon Burger at Wendy’s.
  7. Construction vehicles.
  8. Taking medicine.
  9. An internet outage.
  10. Tripping over toys.
  11. Making room at the table.
  12. Eating too much.
  13. Needing to lose weight.
  14. Needing a favor from a friend.
  15. Hearing the same story about grandma’s first date with grandpa.
  16. Hiding sappy-movie-tears. I cry when I watch coffee commercials during the holidays.
  17. An electric bill.
  18. Taking the car for service.
  19. Turning on the heated seats in my wife’s car.
  20. Complaining that my no-frills Toyota Pickup doesn’t have a hood scoop.
  21. Waiting for a new Lazy Boy recliner to be manufactured and delivered. The salesperson winked when he said, “They tell me 6 to 8 weeks.”
  22. Saying, “We’re trying to simplify our lives.”
  23. Selling stuff you don’t want anymore.
  24. Friends. Sometimes I brag, “I’m my own favorite company.” But that’s only half true.
  25. Not liking things about the people who are close to you.
  26. An old person who needs someone to talk to.
  27. A young person who thinks you’re too old to know anything.
  28. An old person who asks a young person to explain technology.
  29. The morning sun glaring on my laptop screen while I’m wrapped up in your Minky Couture.
  30. Unwrapping from my blanky to refresh my coffee.

Happy Thanksgiving