5 Ungrateful People

#1. Bob Betterman.

Bob is an expert faultfinder. He’s ungrateful because no one measures up. He sees weaknesses in everyone.

Ungrateful people grab their toys and run home because people disappoint. Image of two children on a bench.

#2. Sam Firstboy.

Sam won’t say it, but he believes people exist to serve him. He may seem humble, kind, and polite but arrogance beats in his heart.

Ungrateful people eventually grab their toys and run home because people disappoint.

Tip: You always have a place when you show up to serve. (We serve each other. Let people serve you, too.)

You always have a place when you show up to serve. Image of two hands in rubber gloves.

#3. Nelly Knowsmore.

Nelly knows how everyone should do their job, even though she doesn’t actually do their job.

I keep my mouth shut when my wife is cooking. For some reason I know how she should cook, even though my expertise in cooking ends with burgers on the grill. (I learned this lesson the hard way.)

Be grateful for the knowledge of others, even if you think you know more.

#4. Tammy Bossmore.

Tammy loves telling people what to do. She’s ungrateful because they never do quite enough.

Tammy’s ungrateful because, like Bob Betterthan, she feels superior to the ‘little people’.

#5. Harry Hogsthespotlite.

Harry believes the applause others receive is undeserved and the applause he receives is inadequate.

Praise is a limiter for those who can’t live without it.

The person who needs the spotlight only rises to the level of the praise they receive.

The first time someone on your team receives praise for something you taught them – but you remain unacknowledged – is one of the great tests of leadership.

Enabling and empowering gets to the point that others outshine you in some area. That’s when you step into the shadows.

You look pathetic when you bring up your contribution to someone else’s success. What enemies of gratitude do you notice?

You rise on the wings of gratitude and people rise with you.

Who might you add to the list?

This post was originally published 11/25/2020

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