3 Destructive Lies about Feelings

Two-year olds do what they feel.

You’re doomed until you learn to live beyond feelings.

You’re unstable when feelings control you. You’re unpredictable until character – not emotion – guides action. When you feel like sleeping do you go with your gut and stay in bed or do you jump in the shower? The difference is character.

A person governed by character is predictable, but you tiptoe around emotional volatility. The less tiptoeing teams need to do the more success they enjoy.

Don’t wait to feel it just get busy.

You're doomed until you learn to live beyond emotion. Image of a dark cliff.

3 destructive lies about feelings:

Lie #1: You need to feel it before you do it.

The notion that you need to feel it before you do it is bull crap! People protest, “I feel like a hypocrite when emotion doesn’t align with action.”

Did you feel like giving your first public talk? Probably not. But you did.

When you do the right thing when you feel like doing the wrong thing, you’re responsible, not hypocritical.

Lie #2: It’s disingenuous when you do something you don’t feel.

Manipulation is disingenuous. When you feel like lying but tell truth it’s character.

You’re completely genuine when you live into your aspirational self. You don’t have to feel grateful to practice gratitude when you aspire to be grateful.

Practice gratitude when you don’t feel grateful. Someone might complain, “But I feel like a hypocrite. Isn’t it disingenuous when you do something you don’t feel?”

Lie #3: You can’t make yourself feel something.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who feel their way into behaviors and those who behave their way into feeling.

Emotion follows action. image of young ducks swimming.

Emotion follows action.

Action produces emotion.

Put a big smile on your face and your brain starts thinking you’re happy. Practice gratitude: feelings follow.

What do you do when you don’t feel like doing the right thing?

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