6 Ways to Honor Your Future Now

#1. Honor your future by letting yourself be happy.

Develop the habit of happiness. We all choose happiness or misery. Circumstances have little to do with it. Besides, you’ll be better looking in the future if you’re happy now.

Let yourself be happy in an imperfect world. The future will be like today, imperfect.

Life is filled with small things. Waiting for big happy things means you’ll be unhappy most of the time. Let yourself be happy in daily rituals, casual interactions, and lunch.

Honor your future by letting yourself by happy. Image of a happy dog.

#2. Honor your future by respecting the future.

Don’t do anything that harms your future self.

Will your older-self thank your younger-self?

#3. Honor your future by doing hard stuff.

Things that are hard now become harder in the future. If you think going to the gym is hard now, wait till you have white hair.

#4. Honor your future by building relationships.

Build relationships before you need them.

Who do you want in your life when shadows get long, and seas get rough?

You live your reputation today. Image of a five star rating.

#5. Honor your future by living your future.

Be the person you hope to become. How would you like to be known in the future? You’re living your reputation today.

Honor the past by remembering. Honor the present by acting. Honor your future by living it today.

#6. Honor your future by overcoming the tyranny of the urgent.

You won’t like where you’re going until you stop chasing urgencies.

5 things are necessary to live by priorities.

  1. Know what matters.
  2. Respect your potential.
  3. Align action with your talent.
  4. Appreciate the difference between good things and great things.
  5. Set goals and make plans. The purpose of plans is to know how to live today.

Today is the consequence of yesterday’s behaviors.

How do we dishonor the future?

What items might you add to the above list?

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