5 Ways to Use Success to Create Success

Easy wins are like cotton candy, sweet and fleeting. Worthwhile achievements are hard won. You create success with focused action done consistently.

Good fortune might contribute to success, but sweat is the winner’s strategy.

How can you use past success to create success?

Smart people use success to create success. Image of a person having an idea.

Formulas to create success:

You know the formula for success after you succeed, not before.  

Successful people don’t know why they’re more successful than others. Some believe their press releases. Others explain generic factors like goals, hard work, vision, belief, talent, and good fortune.

Ask successful people for their formula to create success and they make up something based on their actions.

5 practices that use success to create success:

#1. Begin with yourself.

Success expresses who you are becoming.

  • What do you know that you didn’t know last year?
  • Think back to the beginning of your journey. What’s different about you today?
  • What are you doing to fuel personal growth today?
  • Who do you need to become to achieve your vision?

#2. Reflect on small success.

Everyone succeeds at something. Disappointment with small success blocks learning.

#3. Clarify intentions.

  • What intentions most contributed to past successes?
  • How might those same intentions contribute to future success? Are they too small?
  • What intentions might hold you back?

#4. Tap into imagination.

  • Reflect on past success and imagine new. Imagination precedes action.
  • Set a goal and imagine yourself doing things to achieve it.

Imagine new behaviors to enjoy new success.

The success you strive to achieve languishes behind actions you haven't tried. Image of a hand bursting through a wall.

#5. Focus on behaviors.

  • What three behaviors most contributed to small successes?
  • How might those same behaviors contribute to future success?
  • How might past behaviors hold you back?

Success tip:

The success you strive to achieve languishes behind actions you haven’t tried. You get the same results when you do the same things.

How do past successes equip you to create success?

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