Develop a Leader’s Perspective: Master the Ripple Effect

One of the biggest challenges of leadership is lack of imagination.

A leader’s perspective includes imagination. All the important things you do begin with imagination.

Leadership quote: A leader's perspective includes imagination. Image of a crystal ball.

Everything in the world began with imagination. The wheel began in imagination. So did the pencil and the cell phone.

I ask troubled leaders, “Imagine if things were going perfectly. What would people be doing?” Imagination comes before action. You can’t do it if you can’t imagine it.

Mastering the ripple effect is an exercise of imagination.

Leadership quote: The gap between aspiration and imagination if first bridged with imagination. Image of a mystical footbridge.

Develop a leader’s perspective: master the ripple effect.

Leaders know their emotions spread through teams.  Your happiness increases everyone’s happiness. Your worry is multiplied in others.

Understanding the ripple effect requires imagination.

Imagination is thinking bigger than yourself – bigger than what if. Leaders use imagination to think, “What could be?” – thinking about what could be for people.

Leaders think beyond themselves. It’s normal to focus on yourself; it’s leadership to imagine your impact on others. Go beyond what people are doing to you. Imagine how you impact others.

Imagine how you'd talk to a team member if they were one of your children or grandchildren. Image of a grandfather with grandchild.

Leaders think about the quality-of-life others experience. How are work pressures impacting the team? What can be done to make hard work enjoyable?

Imagination leads to action when you lead. Imagination is a beginning, not an end. How will you bring imagination into reality today?

Action item:

Show up with the passion for positive impact. Reflect on the impact of words, tone, body language, and actions.

  1. Imagine the team you aspire to have. What will you do today to create it?
  2. Imagine the impact on others you aspire to have. What will you do today to enhance it?
  3. Imagine the leader you would follow. Work to become it.


  1. What role does imagination play in a leader’s perspective?
  2. What perspectives on people have shaped your actions? On leadership?
  3. How do you see the ripple effect every day?

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