Remarkable Leaders Are Alike in One Powerful Way

Remarkable leaders share one common characteristic. They are NOT like each other.

Pick any four remarkable leaders from U.S. history – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin for example. They are remarkably different from each other.

Remarkable leaders have peculiarities. Image of 5 white eggs and 1 brown egg.

10 common characteristics of most remarkable leaders:

There is no single template for remarkable leaders. But many share common characteristics.

Remarkable leaders…

  1. Find strength in supportive relationships.
  2. Try new things.
  3. Notice how experiences influence who they are becoming.
  4. Integrate their past into the present.
  5. Feel secure enough to be changed by feedback.
  6. Live by their personal values.
  7. Make reliable assessments of circumstances without drama.
  8. Believe they have value.
  9. Seek to have positive impact.
  10. Face their frailties and strengths honestly.

There are remarkable exceptions to the above list. My experience shows that some leaders live with deep insecurities. See #8 above. Some overestimate themselves (which isn’t all bad). See #10 above.


Remarkable leaders don’t fit a mold. Why are you trying to be like someone else?

Adopt best practices but don’t lose yourself in the process. Your fussiness might make you a remarkable leader. The secret is to believe in something to fight for.

Warning: Authenticity is no excuse to flaunt weakness, reject feedback, or be a jerk.

What are you willing to fight for?

What makes you different?

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