5 Questions Lower Self-Inflicted Stress

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Stress kills and brings you to life.

Stress makes you stupid and it makes you smart. It sharpens your focus before a board meeting and shuts down higher reasoning when the boss is in your face.

Stress is healthy and it makes you sick; it’s a matter of degree. “Eustress helps us stay motivated, work toward goals, and feel good about life.” Dr. Michael Genovese

Stress says you care about something. Sweaty palms before your performance review says you care about performance, promotions, and increased pay.

Pressure you put on yourself causes self-inflicted stress. Sometimes it’s unnecessary.

Self-inflicted stress crushes savior-leaders. Image of arrows pointing inward.

5 questions lower self-inflicted stress:

An employee spills a problem on your desk and you pressure yourself to solve it. Ask questions before rushing to solve.

#1. How long has this been going on?

Relax when it has been going on for years.

Don’t add imagined time pressure to problem solving conversations.

Lower self-inflicted stress by saying, “Well, this has been going on a long time. We probably won’t fix this one quickly.”

#2. How have you tried to fix this?

Teach people to be solution-finders. You aren’t the problem-solving-fairy.

If they’ve done nothing to solve their issue, they should acknowledge they want you to fix it for them.

#3. How can I help you resolve this?

Be a supporter not a savior on a white horse.

Self-inflicted stress crushes savior-leaders.

#4. If things were going perfectly, what would it look like?

Agree on a picture of better before pressuring yourself to solve problems.

#5. What could we do today to help make this situation better?

Watch your pronouns. If you plan to be involved, use “we”. If it’s your issue, use “I”. If it’s their monkey, use “you”.

Move problem-solving conversations from talking to behaviors.

Which of the above questions could you use today?

What other questions might lower self-inflicted stress when you’re confronted with complaints or problems?

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