7 Things You Would Love to Say to an Intimidating Boss

We lie to an intimidating boss because they influence our success at work.

An intimidating boss seldom hears the truth. An approachable boss hears the truth occasionally.

An intimidating boss believes lies because no one tells them the truth. Image of a lurking allegator.

Image by Lynn Wilson from Pixabay

7 things people would love to say to an intimidating boss:

#1. Please see me as a real person, not a tool.

Don’t get too personal, but express interest in my life outside work.

Express interest in my well-being.

#2. Give me a chance to feel good about my work.

Would you chill out for a few minutes before you press me to reach the next goal?

#3. Would you please relax when we talk?

Presence is paying attention to what’s in front of you. Stop thinking about the next thing while you’re standing in front of me.

#4. Let me know my contribution makes a difference.

Ask me about the things I’m working on. Encourage me to feel good about good work.

#5. Just give me a straight answer.

Tell me when you can’t talk about something because of privacy, timing, or other factors. Don’t blow smoke.

#6. Reward me for supporting the team.

Acknowledge that star performers stand on other people’s work and support.

Stop rewarding individual contributors and ignoring the teams that support them.

#7. Please don’t correct the team when it’s one person.

Deal with performance issues in private. Speak with individuals not everyone. Please don’t make another rule for everyone because one person is an idiot.

Bonus: Passion is pushy when projects take precedence over people.

What would people like to tell an intimidating boss?

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