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Master Your Inner Critic

I met a leader in California who said he didn’t have a loud inner critic. I think he was smoking weed. We talk to ourselves all the time. It’s normal. Sometimes you’re harsh… Continue reading

7 Light-Weight Leadership Practices that Deliver Heavy-Weight Results

Tiny is huge. “Manny” Yarborough held the Guinness World Record for the heaviest living athlete. He exceeded 800 pounds before his death in 2015. You might feel like a skinny kid facing “Manny”… Continue reading

7 Ways to Advance Self-Care

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give your team is to let them go home. Image of a welcome mat.

How to Clarify and Share Your Aspirations for the Way People Treat Each Other at Work

The difference between a great place to work and a job is the way people treat each other. The most important thing about us is the way we treat each other while we… Continue reading

5 Answers for Resistance to Development

Some leaders refuse to change. You want them to rise. They offer resistance to development and cling to patterns that hold them down. Resistance to development feels like pushing an unwilling rope. You… Continue reading

3 Essential Culture Rules all Leaders must Apply

3 essential culture rules for high performance culture: aspire, amplify, and adapt. Image a of bright sunrise.