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The Road to Magnificent Living

Imagined life persecutes current life when big dreams devalue small practices. Dream it – achieve it, is a malicious lie until you act. The road to magnificent living is paved with action, not… Continue reading

3 Ways to Be a Bossy Boss

I told my wife she loves it when I tell her what to do. She laughed and said, “YOU love it when I tell you what to do.” I replied, “Yes, I do.”… Continue reading

Resist Conformity – Don’t be a Hypnotized Chicken

I woke this morning with a blurred recollection of my uncle teaching me how to hypnotize a chicken. I can’t tell if it was a dream or reality, but I know it’s about… Continue reading

A Simple Strategy to Defeat Destructive Platitudes

Destructive platitudes work at the beginning of the day and sting at the end. “Do what makes you happy,” is my favorite. Feel free to include two other winners. “Do what feels good,”… Continue reading

5 Ways to Exploit the Circle of Life

The playfulness of life is seen in a boy feeding hay to cows. The circle of life was petulant on the farm. Every spring the fields turned green. In summer we made hay.… Continue reading

The Cure for Fear

The trouble with fear is sometimes it helps and sometimes it stabs you in the back. Helpful fear tells you to obey the speed limit because the cops are out on holidays. But… Continue reading