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What to Do When You Disagree with Leadership

At some point you will disagree with leadership.

Disagreement shapes life.

How to disagree with leadership…

How to Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors

We all do things that add weight to the journey. We don’t notice until consequences camp in the front yard.

Self-defeating behaviors corrode success even though they seem helpful.

Don’t Depend on Others

“Don’t depend on others,” is a destructive scam.

Life is limited to individual achievement when you don’t depend on others.

How to depend on others…

When Problem-Solving is a Problem

The way you deal with problems is more important than the problems themselves. Dysfunctional problem-solving makes problems worse.

10 questions that enable effective problem-solving…

Choose How You Show Up Before You Show Up

You see the world the way you see yourself. Strength sees opportunities. Weakness sees threats.

Self-perception shapes the way you show up.

A 1-day challenge. Practice a best-self-visualization. Here’s how…

Everyone Wants 5 Things

At the core, everyone wants 5 things. The only differences between us are how we describe and pursue what we want.

Why leaders care that everyone wants 5 things.