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When Solutions Create Problems

“The greatest intellectual discovery of this generation is that the real cause of problems is solutions.” Eric Sevareid. Overcome the danger of solutions: #1. Walk around the problem: Three blind men come across… Continue reading

5 Powerful Ways to Release Negativity

Negativity comforts defeat. Defeatists get it right eventually. Bad stuff happens. Small problems escalate into crisis. Predicting troubles is useful, but it doesn’t fuel success. Greatness includes self-confidence. Wallowing is defeat. Negativity: Leaders… Continue reading

7 Questions to Create a Bold Vision

You need a destination – a bold vision – to get where you want to go.

There’s always a bit of aimless wandering in life. But there are powerful moments of clarity along when we imagine a possible future.

After Giving Tough Feedback Good Bosses Do 5 Things

Bosses think, “I’m kicking you in the pants and I want you to like it.” Bosses call it constructive feedback. Maybe it feels like a punch to the face? People bleed after tough… Continue reading

Grapple with Fear and Live Boldly

A person oblivious to fear doesn’t enjoy the thrill of achievement. But fear gone mad rejects exploring all together.

How to lead boldly…

The Ripple Effect: Understand How Consequences Work

Consequences mean actions matter. Even painful consequences reinforce the potency of our actions.

Some actions deliver immediate consequences.