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What I said … What I meant

Yesterday’s blog went badly from the beginning. The title, “Reasons to reject advice,” led everyone astray. It sounded like I was offering legitimate reasons to reject advice. Better titles would have been “Don’t reject… Continue reading

Reasons to reject advice

***** This italicized text was added on 05/19/2010 just 6 hours after I posted the following article because I obviously succeeded in writing poorly. The original intent of this article, “Reasons to reject… Continue reading

Stop gaining followers start growing leaders

Do you forget what’s important? Sadly, I do. I’m thankful a new friend from India made a comment about gaining leaders rather than gaining followers. He reminded me my personal priority isn’t followers… Continue reading

Vulnerable vs. Needy

Leadership guru’s advocate for vulnerability in leaders. Additionally, high profile leaders believe in vulnerability. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks believes vulnerability is the most important leadership quality. (Stated on TV interview) Vulnerable leaders… Continue reading

Community Update – 05/15/10

I’m in Colorado with my wife attending our son’s graduation from Colorado State University. Graduation signals an ending that includes beginnings. That’s life. That’s leadership. From my perspective, after inspiring shared vision the… Continue reading

Who are you?

In a word leadership is influence. What’s the best metaphor? Is leadership wind beneath a person’s wings or wind in the sails? Is leadership herding from behind or leading in front like shepherds… Continue reading