When Passion Makes Fools of Leaders

crossed eyes

Passion drives blinded leaders to repeat self-defeating behaviors.

The danger of passion is it blinds sincere leaders.

Passion for their strengths blinds you to their weaknesses.

If you could just get them doing what you think they should do, their weaknesses or immaturity won’t matter. Sadly, some weaknesses destroy strengths.

  1. Great vision; crummy planning ability.
  2. Technical skill; no people skill.
  3. Strong on toughness; weak on tenderness.

Passion for their potential blinds you to their present passion.

Never get so excited about what you want them to do that you lose sight of what they want to do. You think they’re falling short. They don’t. Help them reach their dream don’t impose yours.

Passion closes minds.
Passion keeps you doing the same ineffective things.

Foolish Passion:

  1. Repeated frustrations point to foolish passion. Passion-driven frustrations are the result of doing the same ineffective thing with more determination.
  2. Repeated topics point to foolish passion. How many times will you bring up the same problem before you realize you need a new approach?
  3. Repeated disappointments point to foolish passion. When will you just say it’s not working?

Repeated frustrations say passion has gone wrong.
Keep passion; change strategy and technique.

Stop circling the same tree! Ask:

  1. What am I really trying to accomplish? Redefine and clarify success.
  2. What should I stop? Stopping is harder than starting. You’re falling short because you’re repeating things that don’t work.
  3. What would new leaders do? Invite new eyes to look at the situation. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else. Start small but do something different.

Have you seen passion make fools of leaders?

How can leaders manage their passion?

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