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“What works” is holding you back

You haven’t reached higher in life because you’re doing what works. “What works” is a set of strategies and skills you’ve developed because of your past. In other words, “what works” enables you… Continue reading

Customer Loyalty

Vendors and service providers complain that customers aren’t loyal anymore. I’ve never been one to buy something simply because a certain company produced it so the frenzy over the iPad got me thinking… Continue reading

Community Update – 04/03/10

Congratulations to Crystal Mealer and James Leeman. They commented on Leadership Freak ( and received free, signed copies of Katy Tynan’s book, “Survive Your Promotion.” Read a review of Katy’s book: Purchase… Continue reading

My biggest mistake in life

A young leader once spoke to me about wisdom that comes with age. He called it the wisdom of the sage and included me in that group. Frankly, I wasn’t excited to be… Continue reading

Listen for and speak to fears

My dad’s first words when I told him about my new job were, “It’s not very close to home.” I was in Missouri, he was in Maine and the job was in Pennsylvania.… Continue reading

Becoming an authentic leader

All leaders always change things. Thinking back over the times that I’ve initiated change, one important factor emerges. I change before I change others. Sometimes I changed from the outside in. Once, when… Continue reading