How to Get Where You Want to Grow

Growth on the fringes

Growth is a function of engaging in new activities. “New” is the difficult thing. Everyone wants to grow but not everyone wants to step from the known into the unknown.

The edge and beyond:

Growth happens on the fringes of leadership where comfort and discomfort meet.

You can’t grow if you can’t be uncomfortable.

Growth moments occur with one foot on solid ground and one foot firmly in midair. Growth happens “where the sidewalk ends.” (Where the Sidewalk Ends, is a children’s book by Shel Silversein)

If you want to grow:

  1. Hang with people out of your league.
  2. Say yes and I’ll try.
  3. Trust.
  4. Evaluate after, not during, stretch experiences.

Today’s growth moment:

I’m learning how to deliver content on camera. I’ll be surrounded by people who know things I don’t know, asking me to try things I haven’t tried. My producer, for example, has a graduate degree from Harvard in Educational Technology.

I plan to trust their expertise, try what they suggest, and basically keep my mouth shut. We’ll evaluate later.

Concept or reality:

The concept of growth is easier than the reality. Be willing to:

  1. Be incompetent.
  2. Make mistakes.
  3. Look foolish.

We never grow until we do something
we haven’t done before.


Growth happens in community not isolation. Books and thinking help, but people are always central to your growth.

What are you doing for your growth?

How can leaders help others grow?

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