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4 Reasons Good People Produce Poor Results

A team of average players with great leadership will defeat a team of great players with lousy leadership. When Good People persistently produce poor results they have ineffective leaders. 4 reasons Good People… Continue reading

20% of Men and 60% of Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

The #metoo movement represents a culture shift that’s long overdue. I wouldn’t want my daughter or granddaughters to feel they had to sleep with the boss to get a promotion. The only troubling… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Avoid Less – Take Initiative More

The issues you avoid morph into future-crushing gremlins. A surprising suggestion: I suggested a negative project to a coaching client who wants to take initiative when issues are stressful. I prefer projects that… Continue reading

The Law of the Leech

Leechology should be a course in business school. If you’ve been around leadership very long, you know what it’s like to have someone sucking the life out of you and your team.  … Continue reading

Accountability as an Energy-Giving Experience

Be accountable if you want to hold others accountable. Think of accountability as having someone in the boat with you. Who rows with you? Shout your goals from the rooftop. Secrets protect. Accountability… Continue reading

Nearly 50% of Upper-Level Managers Avoid Holding People Accountable

46% of upper-level managers are rated “too little” on the item, “Holds people accountable … .” (HBR) You missed the point if accountability is: Coercing reluctance to do things it isn’t committed to… Continue reading