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10 Power Tips for Dancing with Elephants

The more uncomfortable the conversation the more important it is. The more it matters, the tougher it is. Weak leaders choose manipulation over honest exchange. Wise leaders choose tough conversation over mediocrity. Successful… Continue reading

10 Steps to Solve Tension Between Team Mates

I tend to hold back too long, when team mates have tension. Let them work it out. Perhaps you intervene quickly. If we aren’t careful, we become the problem. Tension and diversity: Tension… Continue reading

Why Teams Fight and What to Do About It

Image source Nothing is more frustrating, from a leadership point of view, than a group of individuals circling each other like vultures. In-fighting wastes time, energy, and resources. Incompetent leaders have teams who… Continue reading

When Teammates Collide

Forward-focused teammates clash with foot-draggers.  But, foot-draggers aren’t the problem. My approach to an opportunity is grab it and go. Planning isn’t high on my list. I know it’s important but can’t we… Continue reading

7 Ways to Deal with Emotional Issues

Emotional turmoil makes simple tasks complicated, easy tasks hard, and quick tasks slow. High emotion, boiling frustration, and hurt feelings inspire blame. Blame invites defensiveness. Defensiveness causes us to pile on other, perhaps… Continue reading

The Top 10 Performance Factors for Teams

Image source by Vojko Kalan Memo to the new team, 2/23/13: Raise your hand if you love wasting time on: Meaningless drivel. Frustrating stagnation. Superficial relationships. Worthless discussions. Trivial decisions. Mediocre results. Mundane… Continue reading