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Memo to the New Team

To the new team: Thank you for accepting a seat at the table. I’m writing to you because you’re young and I’m counting on your new team to lift our organization to new… Continue reading

I Don’t Butt Heads with the CEO of Zappos

Image source by Hana Muchova’ Many CEO’s are told what they want to hear, rather than what team members really think. That’s a foolish way to avoid butting heads with the boss. I… Continue reading

More Gravy from The Global Leadership Summit

Quotes and concepts from speakers at The Global Leadership Summit: Craig Groeschel: If you’re not dead you’re not done. Don’t fear the new generation, believe in them because they need you. Delegating tasks… Continue reading

Damn that Hurts…

The trouble with pain is ignoring it. Toothaches begin as dull twinges. Tumors are coughs. Before long, fillings are root canals and tumors are death. Pain is a slow sunrise, quiet. But, noon… Continue reading

20 Ways to Disagree with your Boss

If you never disagree you’re irrelevant. Here’s how to disagree successfully: Ask what to do if you disagree before disagreements emerge. Watch and learn when others disagree. Avoid win-lose situations, it’s likely you’ll… Continue reading

Dealing with Tattlers, Whiners, and Backstabbers

Tattlers, whiners, and backstabbers wear a path to your office filling your ear with spin. They have one goal in mind; make their world better at the expense of others. Console them and… Continue reading