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Ten Secrets to Success Through Adapting

Adapting as you go sounds great until you have to do it. The need to change direction suggests failure or disappointment. Results fell short. Strategies failed. Hard work didn’t work. One of two… Continue reading

How to Break the 7 Barriers of Leadership

Leaders desire what they don’t have and reach for what they haven’t reached. Unfulfilled passions frustrate. Drive encounters barriers. Barriers block the future and frustrate the present. 7 Barriers of Leadership: Failure to… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Defeat Hopelessness

Hope is a way of thinking when things are uncertain. Leadership requires boldness in the face of uncertainty. Boldness requires hope. Hope enables action. Hope believes things can change. Leaders with hope rise… Continue reading

Describing Essential Behaviors

You can’t pursue what you can’t describe. If it can be achieved, it can be seen. If it can be seen, it can be described. If can be described, it can be measured.… Continue reading

Something Better than Results

Stop focusing on results. I just listened to one of the most highly regarded football coaches in the United States say, “Don’t worry about winning.” Freaky! Here’s the message I took: Forget about… Continue reading

Challenge the Process without Blowing Up

You’re surrounded by stagnation because last week’s great idea is next week’s dying system. Systems defend themselves and gradually grow stale until crisis confronts and changes them. Every system was someone’s great idea… Continue reading