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Jim Collins on Bullets before Cannonballs

“Shoot bullets before cannon balls.” Jim Collins Foolish leaders rely on cannonballs. Wise leaders shoot bullets first. During difficult times foolish leaders look for big solutions, giant leaps, and dramatic success. Wise leaders take small… Continue reading

A Horse With No Legs

Great goals are great beginnings but goals alone never reach great endings. “Move beyond goals; focus on specific tasks.” Dean Brenner in “Share the Sandbox” A goal without action items is a horse… Continue reading

An Olympic Chairman on Finding Your Voice

I was fortunate to have a conversation with the Chairman and Team Leader of the US Olympic Sailing Program, Dean Brenner. He’s founder of the Latimer Group and recently authored, “Sharing the Sandbox.” Unexpected:… Continue reading

Solving Presentation Hell

How many mind numbing – content rich – presentations have you endured? Content creates boredom; it doesn’t solve it. Boredom is directly proportional to the quantity of poorly delivered content. More content equals… Continue reading

The Essential Component of High Performance

***** When someone asks how they did. I realize I haven’t done well at giving feedback. I’ve been passive not active. I’ve never heard high-performers say, “I get too much feedback.” They crave… Continue reading

The Surprising Power of Stopping to Begin Again

The longer you work at improving something – the fewer improvements you make. Gold Medal swimmers work unending hours shaving hundredths of seconds off their time. Not so, when they began swimming. Improvement… Continue reading